Filibuster Distillery was born in the heart of Washington D.C. and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, making it a true product of the Washington, DC area. Founded at a liquor store just steps away from Capitol Hill, the Filibuster brand quickly transformed from a 1st generation immigrant family’s passion project into an incredible American dream.

Join our team and be at the forefront of shaping Filibuster's future. Your experience and insights will be instrumental in steering our company towards new milestones.

Current Openings
Distillery Production Manager
As the Distillery Production Manager at Filisbuster, you play a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless execution of our production processes, upholding unparalleled standards of quality, efficiency, and safety. Dive into the heart of the distillation craft, overseeing various facets of our operations. Here's a detailed breakdown of your key responsibilities:

Experience Required: 3+ Years
Job Location: Maurertown, VA
Fermentation Management:
Take the reins of the fermentation process, guiding the transformation of raw materials, like grains, into the exquisite alchemy of alcohol through yeast action. Your expertise will encompass managing yeast propagation, vigilantly monitoring fermentation temperatures, and ensuring unwavering consistency in the outcome of fermentations.
Distillation Operations:
Direct the symphony of distillation, where alcohol emerges from the fermented mash through the artistry of heating and condensation. Oversee the operation of stills, whether pot or column, exercising precision in monitoring temperatures and pressures. Navigate the intricate process of determining cut points, ensuring the attainment of the desired purity of alcohol.
Lab Work and Quality Control:
Champion the commitment to excellence by conducting or supervising laboratory analyses. Scrutinize samples for alcohol content, flavor compounds, and other quality parameters. Demonstrate a keen troubleshooting aptitude, swiftly addressing any challenges that may arise during production.
Day-to-Day Operations:
Serve as the linchpin in the day-to-day operations of the distillery, orchestrating production schedules, harmonizing collaboration with other departments (such as maintenance and logistics), and upholding strict compliance with regulatory requirements.
Managerial Skills:
Leverage your robust leadership and managerial prowess to guide a dynamic production team. Set ambitious production targets, provide comprehensive training and guidance, and adeptly resolve conflicts or challenges that may emerge within the team.
Bourbon Production Expertise:
Channel your focus towards optimizing the production process, particularly emphasizing the crafting of high-quality bourbon on our column still. Navigate the nuanced terrain of selecting the finest grains, yeast strains, and distillation techniques to sculpt the flavor profile and quality characteristics synonymous with exceptional bourbon.
Shift Management:
Effectively oversee three shifts, ensuring round-the-clock productivity and a well-coordinated operational rhythm.
As the Distillery Production Manager at Filisbuster, you hold the reins to ensure the distillery's operational harmony, while also safeguarding the esteemed reputation associated with our bourbon production. Your role is pivotal in steering Filisbuster towards continued excellence and innovation in the world of distillation.