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Filibuster Cardamom Gin 750ml

Filibuster Cardamom Gin 750ml

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Filibuster Gin starts with a basket of juniper, coriander, caraway, bitter almond, angelica root, and other select aromatics. For our Cardamom Gin, we added fresh cardamom pods after distillation, pronouncing a distinct zing to the spirit. Originally produced for a select market, customer demand led us to add this 90-proof gin to our standard line up.

Tasting Notes:

  • Proof : 90
  • Color : Yellow Gold
  • Aroma: Botanical forward, with notes of citrus, delicate menthol, and floral essence.
  • Taste : Cool at first, the citrus, mint, spice, and herbs come forward in a highly fragrant palate.
  • Finish :Long, Crisp great spice notes
  • Sipping Suggestion : Enjoy as a classic cocktail base a or for a fa-cast inspired gin and tonic.

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