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Filibuster Rose Gin 750ml

Filibuster Rose Gin 750ml

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Filibuster Gin Rose takes our Dual Cask Gin to the next level with the addition of rose petals.  Originally introduced as limited-edition for Summer 2018, we re-introduced this unique gin to our full-time line up due to the unprecedented level of customer requests. Our Gin Rose amplifies the unique characteristics of gin with pink peppercorn, lemon and wild rose notes.

Tasting Notes:

  • Proof : 90
  • Color : Deep Amber
  • Aroma : Light juniper with citrus, rose and pine notes
  • Taste : Bright flavors of pine and white apples
  • Finish : Lingering botanical flavors
  • Sipping Suggestion : Best enjoyed as a base to a classic cocktail, such as a Gin and Tonic

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