• Growth Requires Strong Roots

    Filibuster was founded in Washington D.C., just a few blocks from Capitol Hill, so naturally spirited conversation is in our blood. Our innovative approach to blending and finishing reflects our homage to freedom of expression – the essence of what makes this great land we call home so special.

    We aren’t afraid to speak up. With decades of experience in specialty spirits retail, over the years, we’ve tasted – and sold – almost everything, from super-aged single malt to wet-behind-the-ears American craft. With all that knowledge, it seemed a shame not to throw our own hat into the ring – but we knew that building a distillery is hard work.


    We thrive in making fine spirits that enrich the taste & soul.

Distributed in 18 states (soon to be 28) and destined for
imminent international release, Filibuster is standing up and
taking the floor. Join the Filibuster movement and #beheard!

  • Our solution

    We took inspiration from the traditions of Scotland and the pioneering spirit of the United States and launched a creative finishing and blending program. Guided by the Dilawri Family, we’ve leveraged our longstanding connections to source the very best spirit we can find, and then age, blend and give it a new voice by finishing it in one-of-a-kind casks: California wine, sherry, port, you name it.

  • Our approach

    Our approach will remain nonconventional, using new and old techniques. Not only is Filibuster committed to using local ingredients from Virginia, our promise is to our fellow countrymen, as we work with first-time malt and juniper growers and also first-time installers. Our Adage is to grow together.